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Brytenwalda Special Edition 1.40 ERROR!


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I downloaded the last version of the mod Brytenwalda, the special edition 1.40, but when i double-click the .exe i downloaded it gives me 2 errors:


"C:/Users/(myname)/Appdata/Local/Temp/AutorunPro14/autorun.tgt", can't find the specified file (Error code: 2/1070), please contact [email protected] for help.


(Sometimes the "AutorunPro14" becomes "AutorunPro12" or "AutorunPro16")


and this:

Application Error. Exception EAccesViolation in module brytenwalda_sp_edition.exe at FFFFF014. Access violation at address 00000014. Read of address 00000014.


Do you have any idea of what's the problem or how to find a solution? I bought Warband on the official website (www.TaleWorlds.com) and I have 1.153 version. I have 64bit Windows 7 service pack1, 4 GB ram and 2,80 Ghz processor. Please, please help me!


Thank you and sorry for my bad english :)

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