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Making Hair Mod.


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Okay.. I am using 3dsMax 2017 (had 2020 but no nifPlugin so I ditched it) to import a hair from another game into Skyrim SE.. I am having all sorts of trouble getting the hair to move WITH the head.. I have watched EVERY tutorial, there aren't many, looked on google.. reddit.. even sent messages to mod authors that made hair mods...one even got snarky with me because I was importing from a different game.. I am looking for a little help here. I can do everything except get the hair to actually move with the head.. I did everything i could follow from the tutorials.. ONE just skips the weighting process COMPLETELY and the other just ASSUMES you know what the hell he is talking about and doesn't explain anything he is doing even though his video is titled "Tutorial".. I really want this hair.. lol it will complete me. Some assistance, please??

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