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How to modifiy enemy drops (aka loot)

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Good evening. I'm using the Geralt's Improved Quality of Life mod and am trying to figure out where and how loot is generated, as certain items such as Nekker eyes and Nekker heart don't drop as they should when the mod isn't installed. I figure that whatever is causing the issue is in the mod's "z_emc_data.dzip" file, as removing it reverts things back to normal, such as restoring the videos that show at game launch, item drops, and NPC inventories.

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In case anyone else is interested in this, the hack job I did to resolve this problem was the following:


1. Unpack the "z_emc_data.dzip" file from Geralt's Improved Quality of Life mod using Gibbed RED Tools. Unpacking is simple, with instructions listed at the Tools' link, and creates the z_emc_data folder.


2. Delete "def_item_ingredients.xml" and "def_shops.xml" files found in z_emc_data/items


3. Repack the z_emc_data folder. This will overwrite the original Geralt's Improved Quality of Life version of "z_emc_data.dzip" if you haven't deleted it or renamed it already.


4. Copy the newly made "z_emc_data.dzip" file into your CookedPC folder.


Keep in mind that all this does is fix the problems of Geralt's Improved Quality of Life has regarding enemies not dropping items that they should and vendors not carrying their original wares.


I still haven't figured out how to modify an enemy's actual loot drops, but, at this point, I'm not interested in doing so. Best I can guess is that some function calls the "def_items_ingredients.xml" file for whenever loot is generated, but I wasn't able to find the exact function to see what the error was on the mod's file, though it's probably some stupid case-sensitive typo or other common mistake.


The shop issue really wasn't that big deal, and you could easily keep that file in if you really wanted since it defined all the shops in the game. I didn't want to re-insert various items that the original versions of the vendor had since I don't care to add things that they don't normally carry. That said, if you wanted to let, say, Cedric in Chapter 1 sell the Forgotten Vran Sword, all you'd need to do is copy+modify one of the lines defining his shop to do so.

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