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Weapon Specialization Perks


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Hello ladies and gentleman,


I am currently in a process of making a mod that would put some emphasis on choosing a more specified path combat-wise, at leas for early levels (definately to work with BLD). That is to make it a bit more akin to New Vegas, when your weapon capabilietes were somewhat limited by your skills. That is not really a possibility in F4 but I wanted to try a diffrent approach. :geek:


The problem is some entry points for perks do not, idk contain, create or it's just not anticipated for them, important tabs for conditions. That do appear for e.g. "mod weapon atteck damage"


E.g. I want to change the gunslinger to increase general vats hit chance at distance up to 17 yards (~20 paces, you know, duels and stuff) to do that I need to:


1. enter a check for distance, to propeerly reference it, it has to refer to the player and be unter 'Target' tab

2. To contain to only pistols, under weapon tab there has to be "has keyword"

3. few others, not important for now






I tried fiddling with only one tab but no luck.


So my question is, can I in any way add those tabs: "weapon", "target" or is it a limitation of the engine, geck or whatever. Maybe a script could be helpful here. Any advice would be welcome as this is a very frustratig problem. :mad:


Thanks in advance!

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