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Problem with Epic version and Vortex is caused by different folder name. Vortex expects the name of the folder with "kingdomcome.exe" file to be "Win64", but in this version it's "Win64MasterMasterEpicPGO". To use Vortex this folder has to be renamed. Unfortunately this change breaks the game. So after using Vortex, the folder needs to be renamed back, before game can be started.


However using Vortex with Deliverance is not always good idea, because it breaks some mods. If mod archive contains proper file/folder structure, Vortex can handle it, placing everything where it should be. If archive structure is not prepared in advance, Vortex just places its contents in subfolder, inside "mods" folder. Good example is Easy to see glowing (Arrow) feathers. Archive contains 14 versions with different colors to choose from. When I used Vortex, it placed all those versions in subfolders. It's a certain way to cause conflict, so I didn't even try to start the game. I removed the mod using Vortex, then manually placed the version I wanted.

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