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Hi guys. I'm new here and I was looking easy way tutorial to importing some new dragon model into skyrim, I couldn't find any of the ones I was looking for, Also i dont have any experience about creation kit. I decided to import character from different game to Skyrim on my own and the model didn't appears sometimes the skin are missing.

Is anyone currently creating and importing their own custom 3D models into Skyrim? Can you please share your workflow? All I want to do is import some dragon models into the game / Creation Kit but the nif format seems didnt supported, Just wondering what most people's workflow is like for making models for skyrim. Been trying to get into making a simple .obj file appear in game. How do you go guys set up your workflow?

Is there any way for me to proceed? I kinda noticed lack of any tutorials or helping articles in that regard. Everything is outdated. If You can point to any article or write anything helpful I would appreciate it.

Also i put some pictures of my dragon model from scratch, i converting it from xnalara to OBJ


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