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[REQUEST] Some mod ideas - Bricklaying, pouch system, special herbs


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Lay a brick mod idea


Seeing all the outdoor toilets in the game wouldn't it be funny if you had to defecate sometimes to relieve yourself? IF you don’t do it you will poop your pants and your visibility factor (or whichever makes you easier to be revealed for nearby enemies/NPCs) would get onto 100% so your enemies would easily notice you even when you “sneak”. So you would have to take it to the laundry ASAP. Not to mention every NPC would react negatively “Oh my god, you reek!”


I mean… it’s the medieval times, if anything then from history they always mention the hygiene issues about these ages how smelly and dirty times were… it would totally fit to the whole gameplay that wants to represent the relatively realistic medievalish experience. And by the way not many games feature pooping, am I right?

  • Mechanic : would be the same buff icon system; there is the bricklaying icon with the cooldown timer, if the circle runs full you will reach the point of pooping yourself, if you relieve sooner the circle gets full you are good then, you will be fine for a day, or even more… based on how frequently you eat, or how frequently you get full: for example if you get the pig icon the pooping rate gets higher, there is a higher chance you will have to go to do your thing man. At the ¾ of the circle-timer you would be forced to walk in order to keep everything intact, because as soon as you start running the stamina would drain much faster than usually, and if you ran out of it totally… the smelly bomb accident would happen. Sitting on a horse also wouldn’t help that much, to be honest, it would be even worse if you started to run/gallop with it. The longer you resist though with the soon explosive state (¾) the more your total stamina meter would decrease, in a slow manner, so after a while you would run out of total stamina, and the accident will happen.






• You can sit on the toilets already now, it would be the best solution for doing number 2, but actually you could do it anywhere, however, logically, out of sight of NPCs. IF you are doing it without toilet it’s less hygienic (pants gets dirtier sooner).

• If you go to sleep for some hours, and the defecating meter would get nearly full/half during sleeping you would wake up to decide whether you want to go or let fate decide about what’s gonna happen. Actually it would be more logical if you couldn’t sleep ‘till you are not done with it. So it would be recommended to check whether you need to defecate before you go to sleep.

• If you decide to try to defecate midgame and your character isn’t near to defecating state, then the game would simply write a text on the screen like “you don’t need to defecate yet” or “you feel alright” or something.


Animation: None needed actually (could work without it, so), only a defecate sound would be heard, the screen would go black as usually do for some actions in the game, in the next scene you are done with it.



  • It would be in the Vitality section.
  • You could get Perks for having lesser need for defecating but also get some negative effect with it.
  • Herbs could also help in this matter; for example having adequate amount of herbs would push back the smell after a number 2 accident by 20% or so.
  • If you are brave enough to poop in your pants, and not make any fuss about it, then you can get a perk for having higher chance making nearby enemies run away in fear from the smell you make.
  • Another perk would be about this: If you do it in the forest – there are herbs/leaves everywhere around you – you would get -20/30% less smelly temporarily. But, higher chance of animals attacking you (if there are those violent kinds of animals in game).
  • Eating specific types of food would decrease the need of defecating.
  • Different kinds of perks for the different types of toilets: The Forest - Toilets in town – Toilets in Castles, Keeps (so three types of toilets) . Example: Royale waste – Laying brick in a Castle would give absolutely no effect to your pants, stays the same as it was before, but using town toilets you will get 15% dirtier than normally would.

And so on, you get the idea…




More lootable sacks/boxes etc.


Many objects/bags/sacks/boxes are just cosmetics, can’t be done anything to them. Would be nice to make more objects interactive, openable, lootable. For example bandit camps only consist one or two lootable chest and that’s it, while many places, like at mines there are sacks, boxes, many other objects that would be good to have an option to loot them.




Pouch mechanic


In the 2014 trailer there was this scene with cutting off a pouch from a random guy in the crowd. I’m not saying we should replace the current stealing system, I would say we could add to that this exact mechanic that was shown in the trailer. (probably a late, end-game thief perk)


[iMAGE] 2014 Trailer image




More herbs/flowers to collect; special/rare herbs/flowers


Not necessary to have more kinds of herbs as there are quite a lot to use at the alchemy lab, but there could be really rare flowers/herbs that could worth many coins.

For example you find a book that consists details about these rare herbs/flowers and with that the game would load these flowers to the world and you could find them.



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