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Corpses diasappear too fast!

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Hey guys, are there any mods to stop the dead bodies from disappearing too fast?


Or does anybody know if this works?


stop the witcher 2 dead bodies disappearing fast, ypu can do in following steps:

step 1--Go into your game main folder-->CookedPC-->globals-->game.xml

step 2--Right click and edit

step 3--Then look for the line "body_disappear_time="

step 4--Change the number after the equal sign to how long you want dead bodies to stay on screen in the witcher 2.

if you can't find the game.xml file inC:\Program Files (x86)\The Witcher 2\CookedPC\globals, you should reinstall the witcher 2 again. The .xml files only appear if you use the .dzip unpacker.



Big thanks in advance :smile:

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