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Skyrim SE suddenly in Window/Offset


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I have tried what I found on YouTube and various websites and am hoping someone can help.


I have been playing for quite a while without issues and today, Skyrim SE is popping up in a slightly down/right offset window that I am unable to adjust or correct.


I have an Nvidia card and have confirmed the resolution is correct and even set up Skyrim to run in Power Management Mode: Prefer Maximum Performance.


I have edited the SkyrimPref.ini to read as follows, but it is still showing up offset/windowed.


bFull Screen=1
iSize H=1080
iSize W=1920


I have uninstalled and reinstalled SkyrimSE to the same folder it was in before, disabled and re-enabled the mods I installed last night to see if that had anything to do with it, and nothing is working.


When I try to load a previous save, the loading screen comes up and then I get CTD.




It was working fine last night!

An image of the screen in windows mode/offset is included for reference.

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