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Looking for Like Minded modders to create a quest mod


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Hello all!


If anyone sees this and knows of someone who has experience in modding, whether that be NPC, Dungeon, scripting, or even quest modding then please forward this on to them! I want to get this message out there!


I am a writer and 3D modeller looking to put my ideas onto paper. However I have very limited capability with the CK, but I am willing to learn.


I idea in brief will start off small (a prologue) then if it is any good it will branch from there. The first idea will contain extensive lore written about a certain fan favourite faction, with a treasure hunt style quest mirroring the style of that in Morrowind. Where the players will have to use their smarts and knowledge to uncover the truth. However they will be working against opposing forces trying to destroy any evidence this faction left behind. The truth will change everything, and it is up to the player to follow the path laid out before them.


It will have many NPC's both hostile and allies, new dungeon as well as using pre-existing dungeons and places. Finally there will be a new location holding a well hidden player home once the quest has been finished. The house can then be rebuilt for the players exclusive use, and maybe even a headquarters for future prospects. Hopefully will have all NPC's voice acted as well!


Email me at: [email protected] If you are interested


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