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CDN Download Failure


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I have just renewed my premium membership a moment ago. I restarted Mod Organizer 2 for it to register. The speed did increase from 2MB/s to 2.5MB/s (I have a download speed of 30MB/s or about 220Mb/s) I went to troubleshoot the issue on Google and came across this http://files.nexus-cdn.com/ and ran the test. I got an error, but I don't know what to do with the information provided. I also pinged the webpage multiple times for good measure and tried downloading the test files (10GB file) as per the instructions here: https://help.nexusmods.com/article/92-im-having-download-issues-what-can-i-do (The test file was the same speed as Mod Organizer 2)

I cannot afford a VPN at the moment either as that was a stated possible fix.


My IP is set to Static in my Modem settings, which I am able to change (If that makes a difference? This isn't my field)


I encountered this same issue before with my previous membership on my old installation of Windows 10, but I was more or less downloading manually more often. (Same speed then though)


Any help would be much appreciated.


Thank You.

P.S I also seem to have a CDN issue with Steam and Origin, lowering my download speeds to an average of 12MB/s when I am supposed to get 30MB/s if this is somehow related. Though that is less frequent than it used to be after reinstalling Windows 10.




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