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How to remove Appraisal Item in item box?


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Dragonforce Chunks (according to the wiki) are used to craft safi weapons at the elder melder. If you want to get rid of it, just go to the elder melder -> awakening alchemy and that's it, you got rid of it.


You can still log in to monster hunter in 2 different ways:

1) Steam, go offline, open monster hunter and play offline (So you can trade the Dragonforce Chunk with the elder melder)
2) There's a mod that removes the temporal gate preventing you from logging in (Detecting error data thing). just install the mod, log in, use the dragonforce chunk and that's it.


Btw, i doubt that the dragonforce chunk is preventing you from logging in, it should be something else becouse the chunk is obtainable. You get the error when you got something you can't obtain yet in the current game.

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