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If it is very hard to mod text scaling (I noticed it did not release since 2016 year) there is another idea - "scope".

Modders, would release something like this? It's mostly for people who use gamepad controller so triggering buttons must be keybind to gamepad buttons. The most optimal sequence is "xone Skip Turn (ST) button + right stick direction". In game "skip turn option" should be disabled in this case.


There are 2 possibility how it works:

1) ST Keydown triggers magnifier that scope 1/4 of display to fullscreen and you can move it by right stick.

2) ST Keydown + right stick direction triggers magnifier where right stick corner direction is assigned to each screen corner.


Tbh prefer 1st option but if it's not possible, then 2nd option is enough.


I would be very grateful.

Sorry for my english.

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