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Looking for a rough male or female voice for re-voicing an existing FO4 mod


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Hello there,


as the title says I am looking for a rough male or female voice to redo the voice of the character "Master Sergeant Hartfield" that is added by my Fallout 4 mod "Minutemen Squads". As of now it is a male character but if there is a fitting female voice, it would be no problem at all to change that.


You should be a native, does not matter if british, australian, american or w/e though. The sound quality of your file should be free of any static noises and you should be able to provide the sound files "ready to use" - that means the volume level should already fit the usual volume of other Fallout 4 voices etc. Last thing is that it really would be great if you'd be available for future work that uses the character and requires your voice.


If you are interested I'd love to hear from you! Just shoot me a message here on nexus forums, a sample would be great - and we'll get in touch!



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Hey Magic881,


I'm interested in helping you.


I'm a male, 27, not native but I have good pronunciation, as I've spent time living in the USA.


Shoot me a message with some lines and a brief overview of the character and I'll record something for you and if you like it we can take it from there.


Also, let me know what kind of file you would like to receive to make things easier for you. No worries, I will clean up the audio in Audacity for you after it's recorded, so there is no static or anything.

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