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[Mod Request] Rebalance/change/lower health values of low tier enemies


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Hi, I have tried Fallen order for a bit, but rather soon found myself turned off by something anoying.


The low tier animal enemies not dying in one hit.


I am enjoying all other aspects of combat, i think the humanoid and bigger boss enemies are well balanced for a fun challange. But i feel like this game lacks "chod", you know, creeps, trash, grunts, whatever you call them. The kind of enemies that briefly make you feel really powerfull as a light intermetzo.


Hitting a stupid little biological animal, and it not immediatly slicing in two does not feel good for me, it completely breaks my immersion in the star wars power fantasy.


Therefor i think it would be great if any animals the size of the goats should be 2-hit kills, regardless of skills, and anything smaller one hit.

For rebalance purpose you could make them do more damage so you at least need to be somewhat on guard with doging and parrying and stuff.

This should not go for droids/drone like enemies or other special types of enemies though, just the small-medium unarmored animals.


I mean, it's a goat, it's not made out of beskar.


So i wonder if these are values that can possibly be modded? And i would greatly appreciate (and i think many other people to) if someone could mod this, if it's possible.


thanks in advance.

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