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Can anything display a character's completed quests?


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Hello! I am wondering if any existing mods can output the quests that a character has completed, and/or if this information is accessible in game.

I understand that everything is limited to whatever information the game serves up (e.g., how HunterPie can't display monster part HP for anyone other than the quest starters), but I imagine this is available either in RAM, or save files. However, when I try to search for it myself, I only find save file editors, custom quests, and other such things.

I believe this would be useful in cases where a player believes they have completed pre-requisites for quests, but cannot unlock new ones, nor can they verify the completion of old ones due to their having no reward and/or not remaining in the in-game log.

TL;DR: Can any existing mod and/or software display a list of quests that a player has completed?

Thank you!

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You can already see all completed quests except for those that appear under certain conditions (Xeno/Zorah RNG, special arenas) when you select a new quest.
(orange/red completed means all quests for that tier are completed, blue "completed" means all discovered quests in that tier are done).

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