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the real norse village of Norham

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Norham! the north village (that's what the name means)





so this will be my place of updates and such for a norse village that i am creating as with all mods i was dissatisfied with the lack of any "real" viking village so now i am making one.


it will be located west of dawnstar and east of the swamp


what i plan on including:

- trees and such around the area

- a farm or 2

- a dock

- 2 longboats 1 at dock 1 under-construction

- a black smith

- fishery

- a storhouse

- some longhouses

- the jalrs longhouse

- npcs

- hunters, warriors, traders, farmers, a skald, shipwright, the jarl, blacksmith, wives, children (i'll make them optional/silent as many people seem to hate them :P ),


as time goes on i hope to have certain groups go on missions/patrols if it's not too much work :P for example hunters will go hunting, the warriors will go out on raids ( debating whether against other villages/cities or ruins and bandits), traders go back and forth between cities.


i welcome suggestions though not all maybe be included in the main file (maybe as optional ones)

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