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Here's a hard one...


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I have just finished the "new shoes" quest from the Thieves Guild and the following quest is the "Master of Security" this is probably one of the easier quest in the game but for some reason i can not get past it. Too refresh you on what is required here are 4 quick steps:


1.Chat with Sugar-Lips Habasi about jobs and Altmer.

2.Ask around town until you find the Master of Security that Sugar-Lips is seeking.

3.Convince Hecerinde to help secure the South Wall Cornerclub.

4.Return to Sugar-Lips to finish the quest.


But when i talk to Hecerinde about the South Wall he says what all the other Altmer's in Balmora say "I have no interest in such things" or something slimier. I did some researching and his deposition towards me has to be 80 or above to gain the interest of him locking up the Cornerclub, I have done this quest a couple of days ago with a Dark elf and passed, but i downloaded a dremora plable race mod and decided to play as the "demon" race, this my or my not be the problem, I am aware of the bug of talking to him before the mission that my cause problems but i never talked to him till the mission started so that's ruled out. Any ways i found nothing about this problem on the web so it my just be my mod. Any advice is truly appreciated and " kutosed "

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Hmmmm. i fixed this problem i had here. I disabled all my mods which where bitter coast sounds, master_index, Siege at Firemoth, and finally MQE (main quest enhancer) i believe it was the main quest enhancer that was blocking my progress for this quest, hopefully this will help someone out if they ever have a similar problem.


thank you to all that viewed into this topic.


-Hunson Abadeer

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