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Noob Voice Actor looking for mod makers


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Hey guys,


It's my first post on these forums after experiencing many of the great mods that people here have created.


I was thinking of how I could contribute, considering my utter lack of programming or (decent) graphic design skills.


Therefore, my voice will have to do. I have a good high quality studio microphone and some control over my voice.


I'm a male, but probably could convince my girlfriend to voice act a few lines for female characters. I think she'd find that interesting.


I don't care what game you are modding, I just request that you give me a Google Doc with lines that you want said, together with a brief overview of who the character is and what is his role in your story.


Feel free to send me a message on the forums or post a reply if you are interested, I will be active over the coming weeks, especially so if this thing takes off.


Let me know if you have any questions. I would appreciate if one of the first requests would enable me to share the results with other people here, but if not, I can also respect that.


Thanks for reading, and hope to hear from you!

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