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So im trying to combine 2 armor sets to make one new one. The problem im having is the textures. I got the skin to load but the leg armor are still grey boxes. I've tried loading materials/textures from the .dds/png files, and Baking, the armor textures do up show in the shader editor, So far nothing. If i swap the Native PC/pl folder names the textures just swap, (skin wont load but the leg armor does). I'm thinking its a .mrl3 issue? Maybe i have to start hex editing?


I've read the wiki and tried some solutions but nothing is working, changing the order of importing of files, messing with operator preset options. nothing. Using blender 2.83


Ive spent the better part of a day just getting the armatures and bones to work correctly and now im stuck on this. I see a lot of mods out here that use the same ideas i have and wondering how y'all getting this to work.


Any help would be great.


Also im not doing this for any monetary gains just for myself, not looking to do this for a coffee lol




This is a small pic of what im working on


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