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Best City Mods and New Village Mods (Asking)


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Hey ya'll,

I'm new to mod usage (maybe 50 hours-ish max?) but not to Skyrim (well over 1300 hours). I know to a degree what I want out of my games and what I want for mods (type wise), the question is how I get there and what the best mods for that are. I'm looking to expand the world in terms of gameplay, population, and settlements. I always felt that the cities were too small and that there weren't enough towns in the holds of Skyrim. I've been trying out some mods, with mixed results. The mods I've been trying include (but aren't limited to) Vigilant, Ordinator, Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim, Forgotten Settlements, TES Arena Skyrim Frontier Fortress Installer, Hidden Hideouts of Skyrim, Helgen Reborn, Live Another Life, Populated Cities, BS Bruma, The Great Cities, Immersive Patrols, a few monster add-ons, Hammet's Dungeon Packs, a bunch of new lands mods, and a bunch of other content mods.


TES Frontier Fortress Installer has added a few locations that I rather like, but it appears to conflict with Forgotten Settlements (I had a CTD around Blackmoor and it looked like a mess, the gate was blocked and everything), and I'm not sure what other mods I have that it conflicts with. I use Vortex and LOOT (though new to both), and I'm wondering what mods I should and shouldn't be using together, what I can just replace, etc in order to get the desired results while maximizing compatibility.

The Great Cities seems to be working generally fine, but unfortunately it doesn't add new cities or modify ones other than the minor capitals + Solitude. I plan on using it unless something better pops up, but because it doesn't cover everything, I feel the need to use mods elsewhere.


Also I'm having problems with box text in Vigilant despite having downloaded and installed the English voicing mod.


Any tips and suggestions would be appreciated.


Sincerely, AGK47

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