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Modeling help request


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Who is willing to spare some time to help a dumbass who barely knows blender make a custom helmet model spliced from two other models?

Would be much appreciated


I have essentially done most of the work but at the end i stumbled upon a problem where the model would stretch like shown on the screenshot and clip below



right under the eye


After reading up I've discovered that its an issue caused by a missed step during importing so essentially all the work done was useless so i dropped my little project for several months

Now i came back to it and really wish to get it done

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Well i have went through the trouble of making it all over again but i have stumbled upon another problem during export:

1 instance of:
('m_helm029_0001 002 LOD 1.001', 'Error: Declared blocklabel is incompatible with mesh. Lower blocktype errors to warning to allow overwriting explicit blocklabels, remove blocklabel from mesh properties or set blocklabel to IASkin8wt1UV')
and i have no idea how to fix it
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