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Familiar faces crashes game...


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Hi! I have been using familiar faces for a while and absolutely love it but i've been having some issues over the past few months. Now I have an issue that is preventing me from using the mod. If any of you could help me, I would really appreciate it and I'll even add you into the credits of my next youtube video.

So the problem is... My game crashes whenever I have all of my followers summoned and in the same place. After going through some tests, I realized that I can have up to two of the familiar faces followers and if I have any more than that my game will crash while performing simple tasks like opening up menu's and maps. I have never had this issue before but now I have been dealing with it for months and haven't been able to post a video since because my channel rely's on this mod heavily.

So in short, the game is unstable when I have more than three followers. Some times even if I have just one follower with me and the others summoned but in a different location.

Here are my papyrus files...





Here's my load order...


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