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Being redicted to a scam site


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This problem appeared today (first of august 2020) at around 6pm where I live (Finland).


I was browsing Fallout 4 mods, when suddenly I was redicted to a scam site. The site is pretending to be a customer satisfaction survey from a popular Finnish telecommunications company Elisa. I've attached a sceenshot of it.


I have done a virus scan with Windows defender and Malwarebytes. They both say that my computer is 100% clean. I use Google Chrome, didn't find any malicious extensions installed. The problem only appears on Nexus, not on any other websites.


I also tested the problem with Firefox, a browser I have installed despite never using it... And the ad appeared there as well, as soon as I entered Nexus.


It takes about 5 seconds for the ad to appear. It comes from both the front page as well as the mods list. This renders the website unusable, because no matter what I do, I can only browse for 5 seconds until I'm redirected back to the ad.



It's now almost 8pm and the ad seems to have stopped appearing. Gonna leave this post here tho, in case it reappears + this might be useful info to admins anyway.

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