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VR edition Creation Club Guide

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Ok so people have been asking me How I have them running and working without issues, and even then nobody really has a semi decent guide for Noobs to follow.

Here you go, Its not that difficult,


So you are going to need to install

Skyrim SSE + Creation Club add-ons


You will need a Utility called - "Bethesda Archive Extractor" BAE

Download from Nexus(downloads folder),

Create a folder named "BAE"

Extract it into there,

Create a Folder named "Patch" and place it within,

Put BAE and its folders into a parent folder that will be a backup called "SkyVRCC" place this somewhere, I usually keep it with Vortex Folders.

Now Use BAE application, a box will appear with a drop folders here,

Navigate to the Skyrim SSE Data folder(easiest way is to use steam through its local files menu),

locate a file named "Skyrim - Patch.bsa"

Copy the file into your "Patch" folder

Now Drag and Drop that file onto BAE, point it to save the file to the created Patch folder.

There will be several sub Folders

You need to delete, "Interface" + "Strings"

Open up your Skyrim VR data Folder

Copy all the other files into the Skyrim VR Data folder, makes sure you keep and merge the file structure.

* this is for advanced users* you can take those files and unpack both SSE + VR Patch files and then merge them together using the creation kit - always back up.


We have 1 more step to complete,

"Creation Club add-ons are essentially .esm files, but for some reason they have them set as .esl, well its because of mod limits and such, this isn't a problem for SSE, but its an issue for the VR edition as you have no way of activating the add-ons with a menu in game and Vortex won't recognize them for some reason.


You can simply just change the .esl to .esm of each file in the folder, and you should be done; however, if that does not work, or the file association isn't flagging(Or you are keeping SSE+VR on the same system) we need to change the flags, to do that, as well as make a copy.


We need to download "Tess5edit" from nexus

Extract it into your "SkyVRRCC" Folder you made,

Locate the app executable and rename it "SSE5edit" -important otherwise it won't know what edition to look for.

Fire it up and you should see a column on the left hand side of all your .esm/.esl/.esp files click on the first .esl - simply look over towards the right and you will notice a file association box, double click on that row, and then you will see the drop down menu with Checked Boxes, simply uncheck .esl, yes to the notification.

It should save a new file into the SSE data folder,

Do this for all of the creation club .esl files, they will have cc# and at the end a general name

When done simply drag and drop all these into your "SkyVRRCC" Folder, they are very noticeable as the files names have been made elongated, we will need to take care of that but for now,

Go back to the SSE data folder and look for matching ".bsa" files

Copy them and put them with the new saved .esl in your "SkyVRRCC" Folder

Edit the file name of the new .esl to be .esm and make sure to delete everything past in the file name, windows will have a prompt about changing file types hit ok.

Now you should have, ".esm"+".bsa" files

Copy these into the Skyrim VR Data folder

Fire up Vortex - navigate to the Plugins and make sure each of the ".esm"s are enabled, Fire up Loot - sort your load order


You are done.....Enjoy

You have everything you need from the CC file wise in the VR folder.


*****************Quick note*****************

"Umbra" depending on the mods installed will have an issue at "Champion's rest" showing the cave entrance, if this happens, simply look up on wiki the coc cell tag and portal your way in, this happens in SSE as well. click on your preview box and hit tilde to bring up the console, and make sure you hit it again when done so it isn't active.

"Survival Mode" Do not use this, it is the only add-on in the creation club thus far that has major issues due to the UI differences in VR and SSE, it either needs some sort of patch tweak or requires the VR mod tool to edit so TBH you are better off downloading frostfall or one of the many great survival mods here on nexus.

"All the Pet mods I have not been able to get working, others are having issues as well"



Also a quick note,


Dead Man's Dread

Forgotten Seasons

Saints and Seducers

Tundra Homestead

These are all already in .esm +.bsa format, do not make the mistake of just copying these over from SSE to VR without the "Skyrim - Patch.bsa" being extracted, as the quests without the scripts will not trigger, and there are several dependent files needed in other folders.

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This is for personal use of your own CC content you purchased,


Also people who are a lot more advanced with Mod Creation ,

You can just create your own custom All-in-one Mod labeled Creation Club, that like a FoMod just adds the files in an automated form.

Extract the Files needed from the "Skyrim - Patch.bsa"

Change the .esl to .esm if you want or you can just simply pack them as a mod if you allow Vortex to activate CK .esl files "You add" thus removing the need for editing the Flag and file type.(its buried in settings)

Simply have it unpack the files to where they go.

..and you should be done and have a mod that acts like a back up for deployment of files.

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Navigate to the Skyrim SSE Data folder(easiest way is to use steam through its local files menu),

locate a file named "Skyrim - Patch.bsa"


I have looked all over my map and I can't find the "Skyrim - Patch.bsa" file.
I don't have it in my Skyrim Legendary edition aither but that file DOES exist in my Skyrim VR folder.



can i use the file from my VR folder aswell or is there a reason as to why my SSE doesn't have that folder?

Sorry I never dived into game files before, I am new to this.

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