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How do immunities work?


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I've been paralyzed while having immunity from paralysis from freedom of movement. I'm having trouble understading these status ailments, isn't this supposed to protect me from paralysis as long as i have the spell on? This happens very often in the mask of the betrayer campaign, also my worn items that give true sight and freedom of movement don't seem to be doing anything? I still can't see invisible enemies and i still get paralyzed while wearing Kistrel's cloak.


What am i missing here?


I would upload a screenshot, but even the poorest quality picture i could convert it to is too big for the arbitary 250kb filesize.

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I just saw this.


The easy version: Freedom of movement makes you immune to paralysis, yes, but you have to check WHICH ONE.

Paralysis is one thing, typically the effects of Hold Person and Hold Monster will apply, in fact, the effect paralysis, of which freedom of movement shoud make you immune to.

Stunned is another, completely not related thing, which also happens to stop your character in its tracks and make's not do anything because it's a mental paralysis, and for that, you need immunity to mind spells.

The cosmetic effect for one or the other is different.


Also, describe the situation, you may be subjected to the effects of a Bigby's Hand line of spells, which also renders your character inmovible, but does not count towards the type of paralysis Freedom of Movement protects against, since it's an external source of paralysis (a giant hand that physcially grabs you and holds you in place)


Finally, if you can't see invisible enemies with True Seeing, is because:

They are not there.

They are there and you can actually see them, but you're mixing invisibility with concealment, which True Seeing has no bussiness affecting.

Or maybe, JUST MAYBE, you failed to realize that Kistrel's cloak does not grant True Seing, but Darkvision, which only allows you to see better in dark places, not spot magically hidden enemies.

Let that sink in.


Hope this helps.

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