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I have two main questions and one big problem I can't seem to figure out.



Is there a way to make an item of clothing move with the sliders in body slide, but not bend and warp? Easiest way to explain is the example: I have sword scabbards on the hip of a belt, but obviously they are a solid object and don't have the characteristics of cloth, or foam. So far, I honestly haven't been able to get them to even register in bodyslide. The body changes and the scabbards just stay in the exact same size and position in space.


Second question: Why wouldn't the outfit move at all in bodyslide? I've given the scabbards animation weight values.


As you probably gathered, I'm pretty new to this but after almost a week of looking through videos and research and trying a whole bunch of things I would really, really, REALLY f*#@ing love, for someone to just explain what the f*#@ I am missing! :l


Extreme appreciation for any advice I gather here.

Thank you for your time.

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