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Did Skyrim VR add new console commands?


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Did Skyrim VR add new console commands or are they the same as the SSE console commands? I wish I could toggle the virtual keyboard on/off so I could type console commands without taking my headset off and putting it back on.



I have a limited workaround for this - if you buy FPSVR from Steam (only around £4) you can set up keyboard commands that you can then trigger by pressing a button on the interface - if you set up `, space and enter on the bottom row you then have 15 characters to play with in setting up some basic commands. You can then open the console, type a simple command, press enter and close the console all from within your headset. It isn't perfect but it works and makes testing stuff a lot easier than balancing the headset on your head whilst trying to type and make out what is shown on the screen :)

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