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Amethyne (Iona's daughter) as Inquisitor


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First, a little context for those who did not played DA Origins as a human noble.


Iona was a romanceable elf who died during the Siege of Castle Cousland. Later in the game, her daugther Amethyne can be seen on the elven alienage in Denerim. For some weird reason, Bioware "forgot" to add a quest or, at least a few dialogues with her. So, the Warden can't help the poor girl.


Now, the ideia/request


What if Amethyne ran away from the elven alienage to the woods, where she was found and adopted by a dalish woman/couple and a few years later became the Inquisitor?


So, can someone make some sliders for a young female dalish (about Sera's age in DAI) with auburn hair and blue eyes with "Amethyne" as the defalut name? Plus, a new origin screen and, maybe, a few dialogue lines about her childhood as a city elf in Denerim


Thanks, and sorry for any english mistake


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