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A mod that lets us change panic parameters for Intimidate and injuries


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When your soldiers reach a certain level of Will, the Intimidate ability of the Mutons becomes useless, and even if your soldiers take injuries they are unlikely to panic if their Will is high enough. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a way to change these Panic checks in the INI files, and the only way to make your soldiers easier to panic is to lower their Will, which is an inelegant solution and comes with a number of drawbacks (i.e. your Psi powers are less effective).


It would be nice if there was a mod that allowed us to alter the Panic check values of things like Intimidate, injuries, etc. I tend to run a number of personal INI modifications that make my soldiers have a high casualty rate (but they're quickly and easily replaced, even in terms of rank) and would like it if more of my mooks could get spooked by Mutons without sacrificing their chance to hit with Mindfray.

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