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[LW] How to make death cheap? (no gear loss on soldiers left behind, less alien research from lost missions etc))


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I'm about to start a coop playthroug of LW with a friend that knows (next to) nothing about LW (or EW for that matter, he only played WOTC). The rules are as follw: each of us controls half the squad, and we are not allowed to talk during combat (aside from asking or giving the turn). As you might expect this will no doubt result in heavy casualties, but that's kinda what we are going for. I don't want this to result in a losing spiral though, at least not on the get-go. I have already lowered the cost of Rookies and reduced the XP needed to level up, as well as moving the most important class perks lower in the trees so that losing a high ranking soldier, if we ever get to one, is not as punishing. What I need to do now, and don't know how to, is to make so that we never lose gear in combat and that the alien don't gain as much resources and research from solider left behind and missions lost. Anyone here can lend me a hand? Also, this is for me mostly, anybody knows how to edit Grenade Throw Range for the aliens? The iWeaponRange doesn't seem to be doing anything.

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