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I know there are many transformation and shape-shifting mods out there but there does not seem to be anything that has come together as its own solid school of magic.


My idea: The College of Winterhold or a rogue mage has tried to combine schools of magic over the years. Maybe because he/she feels it was something that had been possible in antiquity but was lost, or wants to unlock the full potential of magicka.


Either way, this person or small group have discovered through manipulation of physical traits through Alteration, and understanding the forces of life through Restoration, they have been able to make a whole new breed of magic.



To avoid overlap:
NO Druid stuff excepting the wolf, sabercat, and bear so that the beast category will have good low-level spells.

NO undead. That's for vampires and necromancers.

Also, it might be good to keep it to mostly humanoid transformations.


-Possible origins-


1. Innate power - [This would ignore the School aspect and just make it an ability granted to the player.]

The player starts off with one or two transformation powers and as they advance in this power, you add your perks to the transformation skill tree. Each perk added unlocks a handful of transformations (or sometimes one powerful one) and they are subsequently added to your powers list.

It might be cool if some of the final transformations cannot be unlocked unless you find the only other person who has this power, and can teach you about the magic you were born with. Or at least dragon-form cannot be obtained unless through some revelation from The Greybeards.


2. Rogue teachings - You hear a rumor in the College of Winterhold or from one of the Hold Wizards that there is a person (or a few people) who have delved into unsanctioned use of magic. Further inquiry has them whispering about people becoming monsters and strange, otherworldly beings with the power to mimic anything.

You are told of a town who has reported such sightings.

After talking around this town you are told of a grove/cave/abandoned place where much of this occurs.

You go there, you see a few monsters enter the place, but one stops at the entrance and turns human. You go talk to this wizard who is at first almost hostile, but you tell him/her you want to learn this magic.

There should be some requirement, and you are then added to this faction and Guild of sorts.


3. Prodigy Sorcerer - There is a highly-regarded mage at the College of Winterhold (who might live there or have his/her own tower or secluded home). Many mention how he/she is exploring the boundaries of magic and discovering new spells never used before. Most are envious, curious, or scared of this mage.

You finally run into one of the few friends of this mage and he tells you that he is making a breakthrough as of the past few days, and is very hush-hush about it.

Some requirement must be met so that you gain this fellow's trust [possibly being a mage with at least one School at Expert coupled with performing a task or showing you can be trusted somehow].

Once you have his trust, he tells you he will take you to his friend and that you can help this mage further his progress.

Upon talking to the mage you learn that he/she has already transformed into lesser beings.

The mage tasks you with gathering parts of other creatures and some other things necessary so that more spells can be made.

If you agree, the mage gives you spell tomes to learn the lesser transformations.



-Skill Tree perks- (WIP, still not sure what it should look like or what will be available)


Lesser (Novice - Apprentice)


__Trollkind (Troll and Frost Troll)




__Sabercat, Wolf, and Bear (Lesser)

___Werecat* (speed)

___Werewolf (balanced)

___Werebear (strength)


(other were-creatures)



____Swamp Chaurus*

____Spriggan Matron (enhanced)




___Flame Atronach

____Frost Atronach


_____Storm Atronach






Greater (Expert - Master)






We might be able to get resources, models, or help from the makers of these mods. I (or you guys) need to ask these people what they could contribute.


Real Transformation (Sabercat style) by newermind43

Werepanther by Dogtown1



Minotaur by Dogtown1


*Swamp Charus

Skyrim Immersive Creatures (creature in this mod) by lifestorock



Ents in Skyrim by newermind43



Xivilai by Dogtown1



Lurker Transformation by DatedSandwich


Demon by Dogtown1



Dovagonian Races by ElSte17

MonsterMod Draman (link to actual mod on this page) by Dogtown1

Dogtown1's Draman applied as a transformation: Were-Dovah implementation by DemonicPrincess


The reason why I have dragon-hybrid as the top master spell, is that it would (in theory) enhance the Dragonborn's Thu'um immensely. It would also last longest and allow the player to use weapons/spells as normal.Thus, this would be the ideal Dovahkiin transformation.


If anyone can make more transformation suggestions, please do!

Anyone can use/modify my idea. I want to see it implemented and I'm not a modder. Just give me a tiny bit of credit for getting the idea out there.

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I don't see how mod requests that are usually more describing and info providing usually get less replies. I would have downloaded such a mod. But then again, there is a simialarity in that in the mod Path of the Druid, though, it adds no school of transformation.

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Lorewise I think shapeshifting would count as alteration.


Probably so, but it is not an available category of magic and even in the Alteration school there is nothing involving altering living beings other than maybe Breathe Water. Most other alteration spells only change the way things work (physics) and inanimate objects, and technically breathe water could work by having a magical filter in your throat that gives you oxygen and pushes deoxygenated water out of your throat as you exhale.


That is why I said it is a combined school; you would need to have perks in both Alteration and Restoration as prerequisites so you "learn" Transformation or have someone who learned / is discovering the magic to share their findings with you. Only other option is you're born with the power innately.


By the way though, I'm not making a point really or arguing, more like thinking out loud trying to work this out in my head. I also did not play Morrowind or the previous games so I don't know of their Alteration spells.

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I don't see how mod requests that are usually more describing and info providing usually get less replies. I would have downloaded such a mod. But then again, there is a simialarity in that in the mod Path of the Druid, though, it adds no school of transformation.


I'm not sure either. Thank you, good to know someone would have liked this mod if it existed.

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