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I am making a mod, and I'm having trouble doing that, particularly with navmesh and path finding and the NPC's involved in it, among other things. The part of the mod I'm having trouble with is the Riverwood Police Station, and the mod it belongs to has to do with Roman and Gallic armies and their battles. Riverwood and Whiterun are to be relatively neutral areas, at least within their walls.

There already is an exterior and interior cell for this building, and when the mod is loaded, the player is already able to enter the place. But inside the RPS, the so far two custom NPC's associated with the RPS have trouble moving around both on ground level and the basement as from ground level to the basement and back. They don't seem to take the stairs. They just walk a few steps, stand still and suddenly disappear. And when I go down into the basement, they are about to start sleeping. This is also the only time they visit the basement.

The next issue is that these two custom NPC's, which are supposed to be guards who can arrest you, flee at the first sign of trouble. They are supposed to arrest you but don't do that. Even more annoying, only the gallic police captain has a voice. The roman police captain doesn't seem to have one, even though one is supposed to be selected: I believe MaleEvenToned. Because these two guards do not try to arrest the player and instead flee, I do not know if the jail I created works.

Navmesh and the creation of custom guards are not where my skills lie, as I have a very hard time getting adjusted to navmesh since I was used to pathgrids, and guard creation seemed a lot simpler in Oblivion. This means I am in need of help from an experienced modder in the areas of navmesh, pathfinding, custom jails, custom NPC's, but mainly custom guards.


If someone is willing to take a look at my .esp file I'd really appreciate this. And crediting upon the v1.0 release of the mod, or any beta version I might release before that, will be arranged for anyone who has helped me. Since I don't want to risk breaking any rules, I will not ask for contact details so I can send over the file. Instead, I will upload the mod as it is now to Skyrim Nexus so anyone who is willing to help can download the mod and fix what needs to be fixed on the issues I mentioned. But to get fixed .esp files back to me, I can give my anonymous E-mail address in a PM to the people who helped me. That's the very reason for this particular E-mail address, to stay anonymous and keep my personal details safe, as nothing of the E-mail address is linked to me as a person in any way possible.


So, who's experienced enough to help me with these issues?




This topic has been updated below with new information on what is solved and what is left unsolved. Topic tags have also been updated.

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Hey, It's Dre here.


First of all you said you have trouble with navmesh.

I have done only mod where I had to add navmesh (see, this is exactly what I meant when I said I was quite amateur myself) but when did it, I was following the official tutorial from Bethesda. Did you make sure to follow those instructions? I recall that he explains how to check that your navmesh is correct - that it doesn't contain errors. Make sure to do that. This is where the tutorial is if you haven't already seen it:

I know it is not nice of me to point you towards a tutorial, but I thought it was quite good.


Also, open up the player's house in Whiterun in your creation kit. I think it has stairs and you can see how they did navmesh there and make sure you have the same in your area.


By the way, I do recall one problem I had with navmesh is that I would place it not close enough to the door or it would not be large enough for NPCs to use it. Make sure you make enough navmesh and that it is close enough to the item you want the NPC to use.



Regarding the NPCs behavior. Did you make sure that their aggression and confidence levels in the "AI Data" tab of the actor window are set high enough?

Again, what i would do is I would open up one of the existing guards (just search CK for "guard") in a separate window in the creation kit and make sure that they have the same or similar settings as your custom soldiers have.


Regarding the voice "maleeventoned" should work. Don't know why it wouldn't... When I had problem with the voice is because I would have the character say things that have not been made for that particular voice, but maleventoned I think is most common voice...




And again, I know I am maybe not winning any extra points with this advice, but If you are new to all this stuff coming for Oblivion (for which I myself have only made one simple mod) I highly suggest looking through the tutorials made by this guy: ForAdventure and also the series made by Bethesda themselves. They both explain character creation.

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Why it wouldn't be nice to redirect me to a tutorial is beyond me. The fact you're trying to help the best you can is enough for me, even if it means looking at a tutorial. What I am happy with is that it's a video tutorial as text tutorials are generally more difficult for me to understand.


I believe the AI behavior has been set up properly, but when it comes to solving issues with a mod I must include everything in my research, no matter how convinced I am of something working properly. If I would ignore something, an issue might unintentionally be allowed to survive. I cannot have that.


As for the player house in Whiterun, that might be very good thinking of you as I believe those stairs are the same type as the one in the RPS, which in turn is based on the stairs in Alvor and Sigrid's house as I've used the same interior, and logically exterior.


I'll get to work tomorrow, as it's only 72 minutes until midnight in the Netherlands and I want to get some sleep. I'll keep this topic updated.

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I don't know, but I tend to get pissed off when I or someone else asks for help and someone replies telling me or him to go read a tutorial or to "google it", which I obviously already would have done 20 times before I was desperate enough to ask my question in the forums :)

Anyway, I hope the bug fixing works out and maybe someone can provide more input on the NPC issue.



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Update to the above issues:


Navmesh and pathfinding issues have been solved. I even managed to create guards who will arrest me for attacking them or anyone else. But a new issue came up, since these guards won't arrest me for stealing and pickpocketing. How can I solve that? Anything I need to do with AI Data, factions and anything else that has any influence in this?


-EDIT: I do get a bounty from the faction Riverwood Police Station (ID: A11RiverwoodCrimeFaction) when I steal anything or pickpocket someone.

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This topic has served its purpose and can be closed and deleted as far as I'm concerned. Even though I didn't get the custom guards to work properly, I've decided to solve the problem by completely removing this feature of the mod. Custom guards and jails aren't what the mod is all about, so I didn't want to waste another second on trying to find the solution to this problem when it's better to spend that time on actually creating the things that ARE important for this mod.

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