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Blackreach Dragon Redone


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So we just found out about this hidden easter egg! The lore is insane! Vulthuryol - The Elder Scrolls Wiki (fandom.com) Reason for Vulthuryol? | Fandom
Basically this says Blackreach used to be a valley that was so deep the sun couldn't touch the bottom. During the Dragon wars Vulthuryol hid in the valley until Akatosh cursed him for being a coward so that he could not fly. In a fit of rage Vulthuryol caved in the valley and created the Blackreach and basically terraformed all of Skyrim. He is as old as Akatosh, and is possibly the source of power the Dwemer used for Blackreach. Also, he is the only known being to be in contact with the Dwemer (however the loneliness had driven him mad so they lulled him to sleep). If you hit the giant glowing orb with the unrelenting force shout, it will wake him up. So the idea is Akatosh's curse has grown weak, and he should be lvl 150 at least. If this could be a end game battle, where he drops a special piece of dragon bone and scale that can craft one piece of armor that is slightly better, and has the Dwemer bronze hue that would rock! Idea is wake him up, run and come back at the very end and kill him

So can someone please make a Retextured version that does him some justice? Heavy emphasis on the dwemer bronze shading. He's not metallic, but spent so much time near dwemer metal that his scales look like it. Also fix his lvl to be maxed out. Dragon bone armor would be nice or maybe he has ingested some aetherium. Actually he probably definitely should have some Aetherium! Probably easiest

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