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Hello everyone!

As you know, there is a nug statue used for synchronization some of our collections.

How do you think is it possible to create a modification which will allow us to synchronize not only recipes, bottles, songs, mosaics, etc. but also read books and notes, closed rifts, completed side-quests and astrariums, landmarks, regions (+ camps)?

In this way, we won't have to waste time cleaning all areas, so only main quests (including war table or not) and companions quests will be available. And at the same time all perfectionists will be calm and happy. I know that's not necessary to clean all areas when you start the game again, but I am just not comfortable because of all uncleaned areas, I force myself to find all books, notes and other aforementioned things again. Now I don't have so much time for this and just wanna enjoy the main plot.

Thank you!

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