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Dibellan Mod request


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I have been wanting a mod that gives a true boon of Dibella. When you do the quest and earn Dibella's favor you are awarded a useless boon. Dibella is primarily a goddess of beauty and love. Your bs boon is you get a little more bonus to the opposite sex when haggling etc and a bonus to KILL them easier. Really?


I'd like a mod which replaces that boon with a more believable boon from the goddess. A bonus which has a general charm increase to all sexes and races. Something like your interactive status is at worst 'friend' . At best for same sex is 'Ally' and 'Lover' for opposite sex. Speechcraft is increased overall with a bonus to prices in barter, persuasion, etc. Smaller bonus for same sex and larger bonus for opposite sex.


Devoted Dibellan followers will recognize your status of having Dibella's favor. This provides its own perks. For example, Helga becomes welcoming and allows you to bunk at her inn. She will even let you share her bed. The priestess's in Markarth's Temple are open to you sleeping in the Temple and willing to share their knowledge with you. These devoted Dibella followers will provide the lovers comfort perk if you stay with them. The Priestess's will provide free healing. stuff like that.


I do not want a glamor mod, skimpy mod, or sex animation mod. Just scripting-skill bonus mod which indicates inuendos. Maybe even small animations like kisses and hugs.

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