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Dance of Death Decapitation problems


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Hey everyone,


So I recently updated Dance of Death to the latest version, the Ultimate one for DG and DB and I've encountered decapitation oddities.


Whenever I decapitate someone, so far there has been Miraak Cultists, Town Guards, a few npc's without helmets and one argonian highwayman, it doesn't work properly. Either the head remains on the body and only a neck gore texture rolls away spraying blood, or the head disappears entirely and a neck gore texture rolls away spraying blood. I realize this is a minor bug but its annoying as heck!


I saw that some people resolved the guard issue by getting a mod that enables the guards' faces to be visible under their helmets but I don't think that would fix anything for Miraak Cultists and non-guards.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks guys

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