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SoZ will it retro. a newer patch ?


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I dont like SoZ game play, but i do like some of its features. I have OC & MotB installed and patched manually to 1.23(1765). If I install Soz (dont have to play it) will it return the patch to SoZ's earlier point, 1.20 (I think) ? If it stays at 1.23 what does it do to SoZ ? I have the discs for the game that I bought many years ago, my OC installs at 100788. I as yet have not installed ANY mods as most of the better ones require SoZ to be installed. I have not played NWN2 for years, but have just started again. All I have done is increase party members to 6 through the console. I am in Neverwinter but have not gotten into Blavk Lake yet. I dont know why but I could not get to rescue Shandra on the way to town, any help there ? I guess it is time to end this book. Thank You in advance. . . . .Sirten Deth. I know this is a dumb question, but @ 71 I am not as smart as I once was. Can I get a response before next year ?

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