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How would you create mods for minecraft dungeons?


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hey OkJustDont we would love to help u make some mods and learn we have a discord (https://dokucraft.co.uk/discord) where all the information and tools are please join and ask in #dungeons for help
we haven't documented everything we know so far the best way to find out how is by asking or join us in voice we can show u how to do stuff though live

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I'm subscribing to that discord for sure. It seems like a good way to get more Minecraft content. I can't get enough of this game. The new update is great, and it makes me want to play the game even more. The other players are annoying sometimes, and I hate cheaters. What's the point of playing that game if you're going to cheat? Anyway, you can find good servers without cheaters on minecraft.buzz. It's an awesome website with the best Minecraft servers at the moment.
You should go there if you're looking for a good time without cheaters. You can even talk about it on your discord.

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