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Need some help creating a voicepack for xcom2.


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Someone made a nice skin and weapon pack for the mandalorian and now Din Djarin is sniping aliens for me. No one seems to have made a good voicepack for him and I thought I would take my first steps into modding. I followed some tutorials and read the doc firaxis put out with the dev tools but I can't figure out whats wrong. Perhaps you voicepack pros can help me. I'm stuck at the debugging stage. The mod doesn't show up in the list when xcom starts. If anyone with xcom2 experience can give me a list of troubleshooting tips or pointers that would be great!
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So I tried to Deconstruct the Bob Ross Voicepack and found a few things different that I changed...But its still not working. The mod does not appear in either the debug launcher or in the game itself. Is there something I have to do to make a mod WOTC Compatible?

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