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How can i make a custom name for a hero


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Hi so basically I was wondering if someone could tell me how to change the name of a hero in frosty editor and how to change how the star cards look. I don't wanna change anything except the name and the star cards. I want it all to be multiplayer safe, this is all for looks/cosmetics. i have looked everywhere in kits and cant find anything for the names. I found where the star cards are but i dont know how to change them. also if you dont understand what i mean by changing heros names I mean like changing everything in the game that says a heros name, luke skywalker for example, into a different custom name, kit fisto for example. I want to make my own custom text changer pack because for the frosty mod manager it only allows one text changer at a time but I want them all to be at the same time and I have a lot of mods but they wont say their names from the mod because of the other text changers being on. like my plo koon says obiwan kenobi when other mods are active, but if its all by itself and is the only mod on it will actually say plo koon. I want all my mods to say the name of the mod i have on, like luke saying kit fisto while obiwan says plo koon and anakin says mace windu etc., while they are all on. I would really appreciate it if someone helped I have looked up everywhere on how to do it and found nothing on nexus, youtube, google, 3rd party websites, and some more random stuff. and again this is for cosmetics only and I wanna know how to change the text for a hero and the star cards just to clarify. also I am new to all of this modding stuff on frosty editor so I'm not really a "pro" at it yet.

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