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My real example how to create a Cyberpunk 2077 mod with Cyberpunk Engine Tweaks


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My real example how to create a Cyberpunk 2077 mod with Cyberpunk Engine Tweaks


First : sorry my english it's not my native language


I created this to to inspire others to create own mod with lua scripts


my mode link on Nexus : https://www.nexusmods.com/cyberpunk2077/mods/1423

Source code: (lua script)


Init chapter

registerForEvent("onInit", function()

	isVisible = true

	counter = 0
	speed = 1
	pos = Game.GetPlayer():GetWorldPosition()

Clear all NPC
function despawnAll()


Generate NPC

Based on parameters the script is generating NPC around player

function generateNPC(valtozo)

				local player = Game.GetPlayer()
				local heading = player:GetWorldForward()
				local offsetDir = Vector3.new(heading.x, heading.y, heading.z)
				local spawnTransform = player:GetWorldTransform()
				local spawnPosition = spawnTransform.Position:ToVector4(spawnTransform.Position)
				spawnTransform:SetPosition(spawnTransform, Vector4.new(spawnPosition.x - random_posx , spawnPosition.y - random_posy, spawnPosition.z, spawnPosition.w))
				--local npc = Game.GetPreventionSpawnSystem():RequestSpawn(TweakDBID.new(chara), -2, spawnTransform)
				if valtozo==1 then   local npc = Game.GetPreventionSpawnSystem():RequestSpawn(TweakDBID.new(0x00875bac, 0x2f), -2, spawnTransform)   end
				if valtozo==2 then   local npc = Game.GetPreventionSpawnSystem():RequestSpawn(TweakDBID.new(0x01585495, 0x33), -2, spawnTransform)   end
				if valtozo==3 then   local npc = Game.GetPreventionSpawnSystem():RequestSpawn(TweakDBID.new(0x01543324, 0x33), -2, spawnTransform)   end
				if valtozo==4 then   local npc = Game.GetPreventionSpawnSystem():RequestSpawn(TweakDBID.new(0x087C1A17, 0x28), -2, spawnTransform)   end
				if valtozo==5 then   local npc = Game.GetPreventionSpawnSystem():RequestSpawn(TweakDBID.new(0x0bf796c3, 0x2b), -2, spawnTransform)   end
				if valtozo==6 then   local npc = Game.GetPreventionSpawnSystem():RequestSpawn(TweakDBID.new(0x699055d3, 0x2a), -2, spawnTransform)   end
				if valtozo==7 then   local npc = Game.GetPreventionSpawnSystem():RequestSpawn(TweakDBID.new(0x08812649, 0x1f), -2, spawnTransform)   end
				if valtozo==8 then   local npc = Game.GetPreventionSpawnSystem():RequestSpawn(TweakDBID.new(0x6b1a1c88, 0x1e), -2, spawnTransform)   end
				if valtozo==9 then   local npc = Game.GetPreventionSpawnSystem():RequestSpawn(TweakDBID.new(0xc95bf1c0, 0x27), -2, spawnTransform)   end
				if valtozo==10 then   local npc = Game.GetPreventionSpawnSystem():RequestSpawn(TweakDBID.new(0x97f248d6, 0x3b), -2, spawnTransform)   end
				if valtozo==12 then   local npc = Game.GetPreventionSpawnSystem():RequestSpawn(TweakDBID.new(0xA0C49CE5, 0x1C), -2, spawnTransform)   end
				if valtozo==13 then   local npc = Game.GetPreventionSpawnSystem():RequestSpawn(TweakDBID.new(0x6F510015, 0x20), -2, spawnTransform)   end
				if valtozo==14 then   local npc = Game.GetPreventionSpawnSystem():RequestSpawn(TweakDBID.new(0x01428b52, 0x1f), -2, spawnTransform)   end
				if valtozo==15 then   local npc = Game.GetPreventionSpawnSystem():RequestSpawn(TweakDBID.new(0x00b00d2c, 0x2b), -2, spawnTransform)   end
				if valtozo==16 then   local npc = Game.GetPreventionSpawnSystem():RequestSpawn(TweakDBID.new(0x00a1d567, 0x40), -2, spawnTransform)   end
				if valtozo==17 then   local npc = Game.GetPreventionSpawnSystem():RequestSpawn(TweakDBID.new(0x00d4f601, 0x38), -2, spawnTransform)   end
				if valtozo==18 then   local npc = Game.GetPreventionSpawnSystem():RequestSpawn(TweakDBID.new("Character.cpz_maelstrom_grunt1_ranged1_copperhead_ma"), -2, spawnTransform)   end
				if valtozo==19 then   local npc = Game.GetPreventionSpawnSystem():RequestSpawn(TweakDBID.new("Character.mq008_6th_street_male"), -2, spawnTransform)   end
				if valtozo==20 then   local npc = Game.GetPreventionSpawnSystem():RequestSpawn(TweakDBID.new("Character.tyger_claws_gangster1_ranged1_copperhead_ma"), -2, spawnTransform)   end
				if valtozo==21 then   local npc = Game.GetPreventionSpawnSystem():RequestSpawn(TweakDBID.new("Character.voodooboys_grunt1_ranged2_saratoga_ma"), -2, spawnTransform)   end
				if valtozo==22 then   local npc = Game.GetPreventionSpawnSystem():RequestSpawn(TweakDBID.new("Character.kab_the_mox_1_ranged1_lexington_wa"), -2, spawnTransform)   end
				if valtozo==23 then   local npc = Game.GetPreventionSpawnSystem():RequestSpawn(TweakDBID.new("Character.gle_valentinos_grunt1_ranged1_nova_ma"), -2, spawnTransform)   end
				if valtozo==24 then   local npc = Game.GetPreventionSpawnSystem():RequestSpawn(TweakDBID.new("Character.animals_bouncer1_melee1_fists_mb"), -2, spawnTransform)   end
				if valtozo==25 then   local npc = Game.GetPreventionSpawnSystem():RequestSpawn(TweakDBID.new(0xC2E9DE21, 0x29), -2, spawnTransform)   end
				if valtozo==26 then   local npc = Game.GetPreventionSpawnSystem():RequestSpawn(TweakDBID.new(0XEB5308C5, 0x1B), -2, spawnTransform)   end


OnDraw function

Draw a text box with coordinates

registerForEvent("onDraw", function()
	if (isVisible) then
		if (ImGui.Begin("NPC Spawn")) then
			ImGui.Text(string.format("Please set Hotkeys!"))
			ImGui.Text(string.format("X:: %.1f", pos.x))
			ImGui.Text(string.format("Y:: %.1f", pos.y))
			ImGui.Text(string.format("Z:: %.1f", pos.z))
			ImGui.Text(string.format("NPC_shift_x:: %.1f", random_posx))
			ImGui.Text(string.format("NPC_shift_y:: %.1f", random_posy))
			ImGui.Text(string.format("NPCType:: %.1f", random_npctype))


Hotkey functions

create 4 hotkeys function

registerHotkey("npcspawnPlaceRandomNPC", "PlaceRandomNPCKey", function()
	move = not move
	moveDirection = "forward"
	pos = Game.GetPlayer():GetWorldPosition()

registerHotkey("npcspawnPlace_boss_smasherNPC", "Place_boss_smasherNPCKey", function()
	move = not move
	moveDirection = "forward"
	pos = Game.GetPlayer():GetWorldPosition()

registerHotkey("npcspawnPlacecyberpsychoNPC", "PlacecyberpsychoNPCKey", function()
	move = not move
	moveDirection = "forward"
	pos = Game.GetPlayer():GetWorldPosition()

registerHotkey("npcspawnDespawnAllNPC", "DespawnAllNPCKey", function()


I used for inspiration for "Companion mod" and "Quest mode"
Edited by cybercom
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additional info for NPCs

	TweakDBID.new(0x5F7049F1, 0x1F)   is means  '8ug8ear'
	TweakDBID.new(0xE41B68FA, 0x22)   is means  'Aldecado ripperdoc'
	TweakDBID.new(0x0DA95E7A, 0x21)   is means  'Aldecado weapon vendor'
	TweakDBID.new(0x3B6EF8F9, 0xD)   is means  'Alt'
	TweakDBID.new(0xae58a115, 0x14)   is means  'Anders Hellman // Haru Kasai'
	TweakDBID.new(0x091A194E,0x24)   is means  'Anna Hamill'
	TweakDBID.new(0x47DC5E31, 0x24)   is means  'Anna Nox'
	TweakDBID.new(0xF4219042,0x15)   is means  'Barry Lewis'
	TweakDBID.new(0x0093b1d9, 0x10)   is means  'Bickle'
	TweakDBID.new(0xD34E68BB,0x1E)   is means  'Bill Jablonsky'
	TweakDBID.new(0x97771d29, 0x19)   is means  'Blue Moon'
	TweakDBID.new(0xe6d1a032, 0x0d)   is means  'Bob'
	TweakDBID.new(0x1325944d, 0x1b)   is means  'Bombus_surveillance_drone'
	TweakDBID.new(0xaa5a437e, 0x1a)   is means  'Boxing android'
	TweakDBID.new('Props.mq037_Brendan_street'), 'Brendan the vending machine'
	TweakDBID.new(0x8DD8F2E0, 0x23)   is means  'Brittany Hayes (wa_luxury_joytoy)'
	TweakDBID.new(0x1d87a45f, 0x0F)   is means  'Carol'
	TweakDBID.new(0xa46d4d55, 0x11)   is means  'Cassidy Righter'
	TweakDBID.new(0x4106744C, 0x23)   is means  'Charlene Fox/cheap fem joytoy'
	TweakDBID.new(0xBF76C44D, 0x1D)   is means  'Cheri Nowlin'
	TweakDBID.new(0xB0F78AD5, 0x1D)   is means  'Christine Markov/vendor'
	TweakDBID.new(0x7EE3CE36, 0x10)   is means  'Claire'
	TweakDBID.new(0x795d3d1d, 0x11)   is means  'Crispin Squama Weyland'
	TweakDBID.new(0xF0F54969, 0x18)   is means  'Cyberninja_Oda'
	TweakDBID.new(0x005d818a, 0x1c)   is means  'Dan'
	TweakDBID.new(0x4C80F84F, 0x1E)   is means  'Davarius Wshington/Sex shop guy'
	TweakDBID.new(0xB6EC75AF, 0x12)   is means  'Delamain'
	TweakDBID.new(0x413F60A6, 0xF)   is means  'Denny'
	TweakDBID.new(0xd149b598, 0x10)   is means  'Dexter DeShawn'
	TweakDBID.new(0xf463e1ec, 0x1d)   is means  'Dietlinde'
	TweakDBID.new(0x35cf7f83, 0x10)   is means  'Dumdum'
	TweakDBID.new(0xC8227C45, 0x21)   is means  'Dusty Lowe/cheap male joytoy'
	TweakDBID.new(0x5f1bcdd3, 0x1b)   is means  'Elizabeth Peralez'
	TweakDBID.new(0xfb994447, 0x12)   is means  'Emmerick Bronson'
	TweakDBID.new(0x7F65F7F7, 0x10)   is means  'Evelyn'
	TweakDBID.new(0xa85ad6c9, 0x11)   is means  'Fingers / Finn Gerstatt'
	TweakDBID.new(0xF4952722, 0x15)   is means  'FreakFemale'
	TweakDBID.new(0x8EEB38EA,0x23)   is means  'Hal Cantos'
	TweakDBID.new(0xc111fbac, 0x10)   is means  'Hanako Arasaka'
	TweakDBID.new(0x62B8D0FA, 0xF)   is means  'Henry'
	TweakDBID.new(0xD84FBA64, 0x1F)   is means  'Hideo Kojima/Hideyoshi Oshima'
	TweakDBID.new(0x43F3B947, 0x15)   is means  'HomelessMan'
	TweakDBID.new(0xA1C78C30, 0x10)   is means  'Jackie'
	TweakDBID.new(0x7a9b1473, 0x1b)   is means  'Jefferson Peralez'
	TweakDBID.new(0xc886a091, 0x1d)   is means  'Johnny Silverhand'
	TweakDBID.new(0x81CD8DAC, 0x1C)   is means  'Josh Floyd/male drug dealer'
	TweakDBID.new(0x74618868, 0x16)   is means  'Joshua Stephenson'
	TweakDBID.new(0xA2027F6A,0x19)   is means  'Juan Mendez'
	TweakDBID.new(0xB1B50FFA, 0xE)   is means  'Judy'
	TweakDBID.new(0x3024F03E, 0xF)   is means  'Kerry'
	TweakDBID.new(0xf643f610, 0x19)   is means  'Kerrys security bot'
	TweakDBID.new(0xADE5C599, 0x22)   is means  'Konpeki Plaza Housekeeping'
	TweakDBID.new(0xE30BF0CF,0x1B)   is means  'Lana Prince'
	TweakDBID.new(0x032da268, 0x15)   is means  'Lizzy Wizzy/Elisabeth Wissenfurth'
	TweakDBID.new(0x4fa1c211, 0x0f)   is means  'Maiko Maeda'
	TweakDBID.new(0x0D2DB5FB, 0x11)   is means  'Mallrat'
	TweakDBID.new(0xa12192c4, 0x15)   is means  'Mama Welles / Guadalupe Alejandra Welles'
	TweakDBID.new(0x9262E38C, 0x10)   is means  'Market'
	TweakDBID.new(0x3e666181, 0x18)   is means  'Mateo Thiago'
	TweakDBID.new(0x00eb074b, 0x16)   is means  'Melisa Rory'
	TweakDBID.new(0xad1fc6de, 0x0f)   is means  'Meredith Stout'
	TweakDBID.new(0x087ec910, 0x1c)   is means  'Militech Mech'
	TweakDBID.new(0xA22A7797, 0xF)   is means  'Misty'
	TweakDBID.new(0xC856C576, 0xF)   is means  'Mitch'
	TweakDBID.new(0x01692221, 0x26)   is means  'NCPD - police'
	TweakDBID.new(0x99306d0a, 0x2f)   is means  'NCPD_big_HWP'
	TweakDBID.new(0x988f15eb, 0x2f)   is means  'NCPD_droid'
	TweakDBID.new(0x00540f8d, 0x1b)   is means  'Nadia Petrova (female cop)'
	TweakDBID.new(0x3143911D, 0xF)   is means  'Nancy'
	TweakDBID.new(0x5FAE2DB7, 0x12)   is means  'Nibbles - noFollow'
	TweakDBID.new(0x44F307AA, 0xD)   is means  'Nix'
	TweakDBID.new(0xE202D4C2, 0x26)   is means  'NonBinaryFemaleBodyYoungster'
	TweakDBID.new(0xC8FA1280, 0x24)   is means  'NonBinaryMaleBodyYoungster'
	TweakDBID.new(0x6381f41b, 0x1f)   is means  'NonBinaryRich'
	TweakDBID.new(0xCB1BE902, 0x1A)   is means  'ObeseMaleLowlife'
	TweakDBID.new(0x4E470DA6, 0x1C)   is means  'ObeseMaleNightlife'
	TweakDBID.new(0xF55968B4, 0x18)   is means  'ObeseMaleNomad'
	TweakDBID.new(0xF2C6B596,0x17)   is means  'Officer Vasquez'
	TweakDBID.new(0x409a8392, 0x1f)   is means  'Ozob'
	TweakDBID.new(0x015795b5, 0x25)   is means  'Pablo Delgado'
	TweakDBID.new(0xC67F0E01, 0xF)   is means  'Panam'
	TweakDBID.new(0x1F388D03, 0x19)   is means  'Pepe Najarro'
	TweakDBID.new(0x10fd17ea, 0x11)   is means  'Placide'
	TweakDBID.new(0x4AE5DE29, 0x21)   is means  'Pole/Tube Dancer'
	TweakDBID.new(0x65C5B0CE, 0x1C)   is means  'Purple Force'
	TweakDBID.new(0x40be8f8c, 0x16)   is means  'Rachel Casich'
	TweakDBID.new(0xE4BEB074, 0x1A)   is means  'Red Menace'
	TweakDBID.new(0x04A6076C, 0x1C)   is means  'ReligiousMaleBikhu'
	TweakDBID.new(0x37AEC493,0x15)   is means  'Rhino'
	TweakDBID.new(0x8C673561, 0x19)   is means  'Rita Wheeler'
	TweakDBID.new(0x7b2cb67c, 0x11)   is means  'River Ward'
	TweakDBID.new(0xa5214a24, 0x10)   is means  'Robert Wilson'
	TweakDBID.new(0x73C44EBA, 0xF)   is means  'Rogue'
	TweakDBID.new(0x39afb71a, 0x11)   is means  'Roxanne Sumner'
	TweakDBID.new(0x62F914F8, 0x10)   is means  'Saburo Arasaka'
	TweakDBID.new(0xE00AE6A0, 0x1D)   is means  'Sandra Dorsett'
	TweakDBID.new(0xb7f35a38, 0x12)   is means  'Santiago Aldecado'
	TweakDBID.new(0x5166ADDB, 0x1B)   is means  'Sasquatch #2'
	TweakDBID.new(0xB98FDBB8, 0xE)   is means  'Saul'
	TweakDBID.new(0x22C1341E, 0x1F)   is means  'Skye'
	TweakDBID.new(0xE1153039, 0xF)   is means  'Steve Sanchez'
	TweakDBID.new(0xf43b2b48, 0x12)   is means  'Takemura'
	TweakDBID.new(0xB1CC84D0, 0xE)   is means  'Tbug'
	TweakDBID.new(0x5b980a7c, 0x13)   is means  'Tbug_E3'
	TweakDBID.new(0xd6a79a78, 0x0f)   is means  'Teddy Simos'
	TweakDBID.new(0x036fe531, 0x12)   is means  'Thompson'
	TweakDBID.new(0x717263b6, 0x17)   is means  'Viktor Vektor'
	TweakDBID.new(0xa763bc56, 0x17)   is means  'Viktor Vektor_2'
	TweakDBID.new(0x6008CB00, 0x16)   is means  'Wakako Okada'
	TweakDBID.new(0x6F337B02, 0x1E)   is means  'WomanChubbyCarribean'
	TweakDBID.new(0x70536C3E, 0x1A)   is means  'WomanChubbyCorpo'
	TweakDBID.new(0x0E282ECC, 0x1B)   is means  'WomanChubbyTenant'
	TweakDBID.new(0xC8F88326, 0x1E)   is means  'WomanChubbyYoungster'
	TweakDBID.new(0x0012A4C1, 0x28)   is means  'Wyvern drone'
	TweakDBID.new(0x8D34B4F2, 0x12)   is means  'Yorinobu Arasaka'
	TweakDBID.new(0x32965DC7, 0x19)   is means  'Zhan Qiu /Sex shop guy #2'
	TweakDBID.new(0x0142488a, 0x27)   is means  'ma_6th st hooligan'
	TweakDBID.new(0x089d5c15, 0x40)   is means  'ma_6th_st_officer'
	TweakDBID.new(0x0123c9ed, 0x30)   is means  'ma_Kang Tao soldier'
	TweakDBID.new(0x00c36958, 0x30)   is means  'ma_NCPD_investigator'
	TweakDBID.new(0x9D182A77, 0x1C)   is means  'ma_NCPD_random'
	TweakDBID.new(0x014bfdb5, 0x2c)   is means  'ma_animals grunt'
	TweakDBID.new(0x016820e1, 0x2d)   is means  'ma_animals_bouncer'
	TweakDBID.new(0x01428b52, 0x1f)   is means  'ma_arasaka agent'
	TweakDBID.new(0x00b00d2c, 0x2b)   is means  'ma_arasaka_guard'
	TweakDBID.new(0x00a1d567, 0x40)   is means  'ma_arasaka_soldier'
	TweakDBID.new(0x00d4f601, 0x38)   is means  'ma_arasaka_terminator'
	TweakDBID.new(0xC2E9DE21, 0x29)   is means  'ma_bls_ina_se1_07_cyberpsycho_1'
	TweakDBID.new(0x00495ab9, 0x2e)   is means  'ma_bouncer'
	TweakDBID.new(0x8C2A8330, 0x23)   is means  'ma_cct_dtn_03_scav_driver'
	TweakDBID.new(0x1b6aa3bc, 0x1f)   is means  'ma_citizen_rich'
	TweakDBID.new(0x0150a28c, 0x1a)   is means  'ma_corpo_citizen'
	TweakDBID.new(0x032e1873, 0x25)   is means  'ma_delivery_worker'
	TweakDBID.new(0xAD4AE87A, 0x16)   is means  'ma_food_vendor'
	TweakDBID.new(0xDC764E84, 0x19)   is means  'ma_food_vendor_joySt'
	TweakDBID.new(0x32751c00, 0x14)   is means  'ma_kendachi_guard'
	TweakDBID.new(0x85D65C82, 0x24)   is means  'ma_ldecadov'
	TweakDBID.new(0x013ed2fe, 0x32)   is means  'ma_lowlife'
	TweakDBID.new(0x08812649, 0x1f)   is means  'ma_militech_ranger'
	TweakDBID.new(0x6b1a1c88, 0x1e)   is means  'ma_militech_ranger2'
	TweakDBID.new(0xc95bf1c0, 0x27)   is means  'ma_militech_recon'
	TweakDBID.new(0x97f248d6, 0x3b)   is means  'ma_militech_strongarm'
	TweakDBID.new(0xa0467f10, 0x1d)   is means  'ma_militech_strongarm_2'
	TweakDBID.new(0xcce080cf, 0x19)   is means  'ma_prostitute_2'
	TweakDBID.new(0x82ae8f93, 0x1f)   is means  'ma_rich_driver'
	TweakDBID.new(0x58955c50, 0x1b)   is means  'ma_sexworker'
	TweakDBID.new(0x00ee0512, 0x1b)   is means  'ma_slacker'
	TweakDBID.new(0x8E808036, 0x23)   is means  'ma_std_rcr_11_cyberpsycho'
	TweakDBID.new(0x006ecb79, 0x16)   is means  'ma_thug'
	TweakDBID.new(0x9028027e, 0x1d)   is means  'ma_traumateam_soldier'
	TweakDBID.new(0xcbba0bd3, 0x22)   is means  'ma_tyger_silent'
	TweakDBID.new(0x02162680,0x1E)   is means  'ma_voodoo'
	TweakDBID.new(0xA67A66D3, 0x20)   is means  'main_boss_adam_smasher'
	TweakDBID.new(0xCA013FF0, 0x17)   is means  'main_boss_oda'
	TweakDBID.new(0xCD4F9F37, 0x19)   is means  'main_boss_royce'
	TweakDBID.new(0x7D67E1C7, 0x1D)   is means  'main_boss_sasquatch'
	TweakDBID.new(0x98507f3b, 0x2d)   is means  'mb_tyger_dollhouse'
	TweakDBID.new(0x087C1A17, 0x28)   is means  'militech AV'
	TweakDBID.new(0x0bf796c3, 0x2b)   is means  'militech_android'
	TweakDBID.new(0x699055d3, 0x2a)   is means  'militech_griffin'
	TweakDBID.new(0xDF6B586D, 0x14)   is means  'mq019_liam'
	TweakDBID.new(0x94C550C4, 0x1F)   is means  'penthouse_iguana - noFollow'
	TweakDBID.new(0x43C08B83, 0x19)   is means  'q003_royce_boss'
	TweakDBID.new(0xA0C49CE5, 0x1C)   is means  'q112_arasaka_guard'
	TweakDBID.new(0x6F510015, 0x20)   is means  'q112_arasaka_sniper_02'
	TweakDBID.new(0x6FF066A8, 0x1B)   is means  'q113_boss_smasher'
	TweakDBID.new(0XEB5308C5, 0x1B)   is means  'q116_boss_smasher'
	TweakDBID.new(0xA20FE0CF, 0x18)   is means  'spiderbot - noFollow'
	TweakDBID.new(0x88354EB0, 0x17)   is means  'spiderbot_new - noFollow'
	TweakDBID.new(0x782412D2, 0x18)   is means  'sq021_victim01'
	TweakDBID.new(0xE12D4368, 0x18)   is means  'sq021_victim02'
	TweakDBID.new(0x962A73FE, 0x18)   is means  'sq021_victim03'
	TweakDBID.new(0x3157A0DB, 0x1D)   is means  'sq021_victim_escape'
	TweakDBID.new(0x4767FD96, 0x21)   is means  'sts_hey_rey_06_hologram'
	TweakDBID.new(0xd4305c69, 0x16)   is means  'tennant - child'
	TweakDBID.new(0x00875bac, 0x2f)   is means  'wa_Tyger biker'
	TweakDBID.new(0x01585495, 0x33)   is means  'wa_Tyger_biker_2'
	TweakDBID.new(0x01543324, 0x33)   is means  'wa_Tyger_gangster'
	TweakDBID.new(0x70DFA9B1, 0x26)   is means  'wa_aldecado'
	TweakDBID.new(0xB10B15B0, 0x29)   is means  'wa_aldecado_hottie'
	TweakDBID.new(0x9bbfcc77, 0x2b)   is means  'wa_braindance_prostitute'
	TweakDBID.new(0x00a4bf2c, 0x1a)   is means  'wa_creole_citizen'
	TweakDBID.new(0x9371A723, 0x26)   is means  'wa_customer/sex shop'
	TweakDBID.new(0x008b1171, 0x32)   is means  'wa_cyberpunk ganger'
	TweakDBID.new(0xD5022EC7, 0x23)   is means  'wa_drug_dealer'
	TweakDBID.new(0x1B0A8EC4, 0x1B)   is means  'wa_escort'
	TweakDBID.new(0xA9013D1D, 0x1C)   is means  'wa_food_vendor_joySt'
	TweakDBID.new(0x96d407af, 0x2e)   is means  'wa_mox_elite'
	TweakDBID.new(0xECA9355D, 0x1F)   is means  'wa_mox_elite_2'
	TweakDBID.new(0x980e0898, 0x30)   is means  'wa_mox_elite_3'
	TweakDBID.new(0xafd544b3, 0x26)   is means  'wa_mox_lv1'
	TweakDBID.new(0xb46c04f7, 0x28)   is means  'wa_mox_lv1_2'
	TweakDBID.new(0xcf72fc61, 0x25)   is means  'wa_mox_lv1_3'
	TweakDBID.new(0x4925CF51, 0x18)   is means  'wa_nightlife_hottie'
	TweakDBID.new(0x004c90b1, 0x17)   is means  'wa_nurse'
	TweakDBID.new(0x8A219717, 0x19)   is means  'wa_prostitute'
	TweakDBID.new(0xb89225b1, 0x1b)   is means  'wa_prostitute_2'
	TweakDBID.new(0x8f599f68, 0x26)   is means  'wa_prostitute_3'
	TweakDBID.new(0x75544805, 0x1B)   is means  'wa_rich'
	TweakDBID.new(0x89976b3c, 0x21)   is means  'wa_rich_posh'
	TweakDBID.new(0x05206611,0x33)   is means  'wa_voodoo'
	TweakDBID.new(0x8a78a482, 0x17)   is means  'woodman'
	TweakDBID.new(0x63e3af54, 0x24)   is means  'zetatech_octant_traumateam'
	TweakDBID.new(0x38586412,0x16)   is means  'Zuleikha El Ahmar'
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