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MOD REQUEST: Craft Everything


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I have played the game through twice now, and I am just going to start playing again but I am going to use mods. I have searched for a Mod which lets me craft my own weapons and Clothes, Armour and various gadgets and clothing mods, but all I can seem to find is UNLOCK CRAFTING RECIPES. Not even all the different styles or even all the different weapon mods can be crafted, they missed out the Hard Shoulder Mod in the craft able list. They seem to have missed out a few different recipes that would have been useful to my playthrough. (But as we know the poor developers, they had to rush to get the game out as quick as possible to try and stop everyone who was crying that it was taking so long to release, those same people then cried that it was too glitchy to play Boohoo.)


I know you can spawn in items with console, but I have found that to make your save sometimes unstable and glitchy i would rather craft things myself, it makes me find the materials i need and does not seem to me break the realism.


At the end of my last play through I was kitted out with all Legendary items I could craft, and my character looked like she has got her fashion style from a charity shop, all miss matched and some nice things and some proper ugly stuff, no real individuality I think the only thing i liked that she was wearing was her Geisha T-shirt and her Demon Hunter sneakers







So please can someone please make a mod or teach me how to create a mod that allows you to CRAFT ALL: Weapons, Clothes, Armours, Accessories, Consumables and Mods for Weapons and Armour.







If you could help that would be amazing.







***Imagine been able to craft all your favourite looking items, yes they might seem miss matched to someone else, but you think it looks awesome***



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