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Creating my own Vault for Fallout 3 (including original creatures)


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Greetings, my friends and fellow modders. I'm a seasoned 3DSMax professional but it's been years since I've used it in that setting. I've recently set out to make a vault for Fallout 3. I realize this is might seem like a strange project but it has a purpose and I'm simply seeking community support on this effort. I need you guys to help me because it's been some time but I actually use to work for the company that makes 3DSMax. I have many versions of the product. I want to use this to make original creatures for my Fallout 3 Vault mod.


I have a creature that is an intelligent plant that can interact with the player verbally and also go aggro and attack. This creature will be similar to some of the plant creatures I've seen in Fallout: New Vegas. I want to make this guy from scratch and place him somewhere in my Vault. I have many years of experience designing levels and have built most of my Vault already and I'm starting to populate it with creatures etc. Obviously, this plant creature is a freak Vault-Tec creation and I need your help to make it.


If there are specific tutorials you would recommend, I guess that's what I'm after. I can program the scripts for the AI, etc, I am primarily concerned with making original animations for things like the plant idling, moving, melee and missile attacks.


Thanks brothers and sisters!




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