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I need help with Baldur's Gate Reloaded


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Some of you may be familiar with this mod at Nexus already, but for those that arent, here it is: https://www.nexusmods.com/neverwinter2/mods/794 So, as I tried to install this mod, I noticed, my character creation became all. Glitchy.

As in, I know a lot of new options, for races, classes, and feats, were added... But their descriptions werent showing up. And, if I selected one of the new options, the game just would crash instead of starting properly.

Now, here is what makes me think it might have been my fault rather then the mod fault( But I am not sure. ). For some bizarre reason, WinRaR just decided it wouldnt understand it was suppose to MERGE the files, and instead kept triyng to REPLACE the old files of the game. So, instead, I had to merge every file manually.

Does anyone here has any clue of what I could have done wrong on the process that would cause this?

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Hello, I just saw your post, you'll have better luck posting this on their Nexus page directly or the official Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BaldursGateReloaded


Descriptions not showing up is due to not having the correct TLK installed (and thus the consequent crash)


Installing all files manually should be the way to go, the " put this here and merge " is a bit outdated.

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