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Unique Mod Request IDEAS


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Hi mod creators

I would appreciate if you could create these mods?


SILENCER with NORMAL GUN SOUND as if no silencer attached, but enemies cannot hear what we hear, they think weapon silenced. Guns giving raw sound when silencers attached!

option to turn off/on for any weapon/s

So we can enjoy the raw rugged sound of the guns, while utilizing the benefits of silencer stealth. Enjoying the BEST of BOTH worlds.

* Option to change/choose COLORS of GUN Scopes!

<> It is tediously time wasting to attach and unattached, going through all my scopes to find one the has a Matching Color with the gun.

* Option to choose COLOR of GUN

> Even if just small range of default colors as provided in that gun type, the option to CHOOSE colors would be fantastic,

SCOPE RANGE: option to alter the range of the scope/s. (The lame colors seem to be .16 and the good colors are .24, or whatever the numbers are)

Dildo to replace lame weapons!

> Some of these dildos look ferocious~ they would sure make some monstrous melee weapons! :ohmy:


Realistic vaginas, with butterfly labia lips.

> possible option to choose the color shade of the vagina skin and nipples?

> OPENING lips? Option to have snatch lips open or closed! Be marvelous if someone gets really creative with this concept. :laugh:

BOUNCING BOOBS! (See Resident Evil 2 nude mods, for example? Brilliant work on the boobs realism, movement, bouncing subtly while running and turning. Plus the vaginas are pristine realistic)

NIPPLES: more variety of nipple types

CLOTHING: More clothes - variations for females (including access to ALL ANY of NPCs clothes!)

> Option to choose colors of clothes - mix and match colors in ANY garment!

> allow transparent clothing items choice (VITAL~! Someone created mod, but it failed and was removed)

> more Bikini's, REALISTIC unique designs would be great.

FASTER UPGRADES of ITEMS - option to fully upgrade item

And, or, ability to SET the degree of upgrade (similar to how we can select number of items to sell/discard)


move and run and land more quietly (on/off)

allow max armor on any clothing item

allow upgrade of item in one click (w/ confirm)

SKULLS on MOTORBIKES (see NPC's bikes have those wicked skulls, but our bikes are plain)

Thank you for reading these ideas and requests, I would be so grateful to anyone of you geniuses who create any of these.

If you do, could you let me know in a PM, so I can endorse, follow and support you?


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