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Hi everyone out there,

I am opening this thread to ask for help to make a skyrim mod. In fact, I am looking for help with models to make a new skyrim creature. Right now, I am very busy with my studies and I barely know anything about modelling so I am asking for help to do this project.

When I played Dawnguard I really enjoyed the expansion and I liked the Vampire lord form but I think it could have been done, lets say, in a "different way". When I first thought of the vampire I the idea of a giant bat-like beast came to my mind and immediately I went to warhammer's oficial webpage to check one of their miniatures. I went down to vampire counts and I found a fantastic creature called the Varghulf (you can search for images on google to have an idea). I have thought of combining the werewolf model with the dragon model (Put the werewolve's body and legs into the structure of a dragon, keeping the dragon's animations, put some hair in the dragon's wings and in a shortened tail, maybe the gargoyle's head model with some modifications, change some textures and resize the creature) to get something similar to the warhammer fantasy miniature which is awesome. Since I am extremely busy at the moment I am requesting for an interested modeler.

Thanks for your attention and have a good day.

Here are some images:


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