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Debug mod request: Utili-Bots


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I had high hopes when I got University, but now these things drive me crazy.

I have a party bot that appears in the 'work on utility bot' list, but is otherwise invisible, sims can't access it (They give the no path bubble over their heads), but it's still on the list, and occasionally, they walk into my robotics lab (presumably where it was before it disappears), and 'bob to the beat' with the non-existent bot.

Can someone PLEASE create a debug mod that forces all bots that are present in the lot, preferably whether or not they're on the bot workbench, into the family inventory? That should hopefully fix the phantom bot issue.

I am tempted to ask for the following non-debug options, but all are strictly optional:

Some sort of Utili-Bot charging rack, as a place for them to recharge/idle when they don't have a task, so I can get them to stop congregating in my sim's sauna (don't ask, I don't get it either), even better if they can be stackable/wall mounted (bots flying up to their 'nest' as it were).

Overhaul the upgrade system so the bot levels don't fluctuate at random, that tier 10 robots keep resetting to tier 1 is almost as infuriating as the first problem. Some way to more quickly upgrade them to tier 10 could at least offset the problem. If you can make them waterproof at tier 10, a virtual parade would be called for.

If anyone thinks they can hack it, I'd be thrilled. I'm not much of a modder, and the problems with the Utili-Bots are beyond me.

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