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A message and invitation from Sims creator Will Wright


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clintmich wrote: Give it a go I guess. I've been heavy into Unreal Engine for the last 3 years doing solo dev stuff anyway. See what happens....
clintmich wrote: Just got a surprise email.. zoom Interview being scheduled. Holy crap!
Endify123 wrote: Haha well congrats! Hope all goes well.
fantasminhagames wrote: Good luck my dude, give us info of how it goes later, if you wish.
monsuun wrote: Good luck!
clintmich wrote: I will let you guys know how it goes. I'm pretty nervous, but excited to see what this is all about.
Samyueru0823 wrote: y el desenlace ?

The zoom interview went good. If chosen for the team I'll hear back in about 2 weeks they said.
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