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Removing Masters of MLU-LWE Patch To Make It Work With LotD


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I'm trying to use Legacy of the Dragonborn, Lore Weapon Expansion and Morrowloot Ultimate in one load order. Lore Weapon Expansion includes three addons (Daedric Crescent, Goldbrand, Relics of the Crusader), but they are incompatible with LotD because LotD adds in the same weapons under the same names. So, I'm not using the LWE addons. However, the compatibility patch between MLU and LWE lists the LWE addons as masters in addition to the main file. I can't simply not use it because I would still need the changes to the main plugin.


I used xEdit to look at which references were included in both the patch and the relevant addon plugins, then deleted the relevant references in the patch plugin. I managed to do this for everything I could find and cleaned the masters, which successfully removed the dependencies on the Goldbrand and Relics addons. However, for some reason that I cannot fathom, it still depends on Daedric Crescent. I've removed all files that it would normally overwrite Crescent with, but it won't remove the dependency. I can only assume that there's something less obvious that I haven't deleted that somehow requires it still. I can't find what it is, though. I was hoping someone could help me.


I've also had a read through lots of other relevant posts but none of the suggested fixes are applicable or even possible. For example, one suggested simply right clicking the listed master file in xEdit and clicking Remove, but there's no such option. I also looked at it with Wrye Bash, but that only allows you to change the master, not delete it, AFAIK.


I've also included a screenshot of what xEdit now looks like for me. Many thanks in advance.



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